Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Current Project: The 90-Day Novel by Alan Watt

Hi, Jenna here!

For our current project, we are working with Alan Watt. Al is a sensational writing teacher, a great author, and a very entertaining fellow to boot. He has been teaching writing workshops in Los Angeles for several years now. I took one of his workshops, The 90-Day Novel, in 2008. I followed up with taking The 90-Day Rewrite.

I cannot stress how much these workshops changed my life as a writer.

I was beyond excited when Al told me he was working on a book version for each of his 90-day workshops (he has The 90-Day Screenplay also). When he posted on Facebook a few weeks ago looking for help formatting the Kindle version of The 90-Day Novel, I jumped in to help.

We've just finished the manuscript, and it will be available in a few days to download from Amazon!

Here is the cover:

When it is live on Amazon, I'll post a review and link here to the book. It will be available in hard copy in a couple of weeks as well. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to post!

Meanwhile, you can find Al on his websites:

L. A. Writer's Lab has a wonderful free monthly newsletter with writing thoughts and tips, which are very useful and thought-provoking.

The 90-Day Novel features an excellent writing blog and information on the process.

Alan Watt has his visual art and 90-word stories submitted from various writers - don't miss these!

See you around!

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